We’re looking for a Software Development Intern

The OpenAustralia Foundation (OAF) is looking for a software development intern to join our small team in order to make a big difference in Australia. We are a not-for-profit that creates tools for citizens to improve democracy and the world, and over two million Australians use them each year.

OAF is looking for an intern who is motivated by a passion to support and improve access to participation in our democracy. This is super important to us, more important than your current level of technical skills and experience. First and foremost, we appreciate your interest in what we do. We encourage people with non-traditional backgrounds and paths into software development to apply, as diversity will benefit the organisation.

We are a remote-first organisation that encourages people to come to work as full humans. We value flexibility. We Acknowledge Country and include mindfulness and gratitude practices. Our days are informed and moved by connecting to ourselves and our daily activities. 

You bring:

  • Eagerness to learn new skills, tools, and ideas. 
  • Motivated to listen carefully, communicate thoughtfully, and contribute to our ongoing improvised collaborations.
  • Sparky, creative and curious 
  • You’re flexible and adaptable, some days that means working on something completely different than expected. For example something breaks and we’re all hands on deck. On the other hand we check in, and work with our capacities and motivations. 
  • Turn up with your whole self 
  • A sense of responsibility for how you use your time, your actions, and your impact
  • Compassion – you’ll need it. We see a lot of different views
  • Exposure to software development through a bootcamp, self led study or any other ways of learning.
  • A deep generalist mindset willing to work across the entire stack – from server configuration and maintenance to design, front-end and back-end work
  • Confidence to keep services running because you’ll be a mission-critical safe pair of hands.  
  • Openness to being hired as a staff member at the end of the internship if both parties agree.
  • An existing right to live and work in Australia

OAF provides an intern the opportunity to:

  • Contribute to a well-established, mission-driven organisation that benefits Australian civic society and civic life.
  • Learn a lot about how to run things in a small, purpose-driven team.
  • Participate in a collaborative team environment, over time you will assist to determine what needs to be built and how.
  • Make a contribution to an open source, agile environment.
  • Learn effective approaches to open-source collaboration, using Github, and tracking issues.
  • Develop a good working knowledge of a diverse technology stack, such as AWS, Linux (Ubuntu), Terraform / Ansible, mostly Ruby/Rails, Nginx / Apache / Passenger, Mysql / Postgresql
  • Experience mentoring and training to expand your knowledge and experience.
  • Enjoy remote work and flexible working hours
  • Earn an industry standard wage

We want to work with the best people, no matter what their background or experience. If you’re passionate about making our democracy work for everybody and are open to learning, then we’d love to hear from you.  OpenAustralia supports diversity. We encourage people from diverse communities, First Nations people, gender diverse, LGBTQI+, differently abled people, and culturally diverse people to apply.

We are looking forward to learning about your connection to what we do at the Open Australia Foundation, supporting and improving access to participation in our democracy. As well as your current experience with software development, where ever you are on your learning journey.

to apply email: subject: Internship

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