PlanningAlerts Commercial API Prices

Commercial API access is provided subject to the PlanningAlerts API Supply Agreeement, unless other specific agreements have been made.

It’s important to note that the information collected by is subject to various privacy laws; for instance, data collected in Victoria is generally subject to the Privacy and Data Protection Act 2014 which prohibits use of the data to identify the applicant or market products or services to the applicant.

The onus is on the user to ensure that all relevant privacy standards are adhered to in their use of this data

API Calls
Single Location by Address
Single Location by longitude/latitude
Area by longitude/latitude🟩0
Planning Authority
Full feed
Custom/historical feeds🟩1
Usage Limits
75,000 requests/dayUnlimited1
1,000,000 requests/monthUnlimited1
Data CachingData may not be cached for more than 24 hoursUnrestricted, but you must check for updates at least once per 28 days
Included1000 API Requests/day
20,000 requests/month
Additional$2.50AUD/1000 API requests
75,000 API requests/day
1,000,000 API requests/month

0: Basic plan includes only the first 100 results.

1: To access historical data more than 5 years before the present, a 12-month commitment is required. OpenAustralia will work with you to provide a bulk transfer of data in a format that meets your needs. Additional consulting fees may apply.

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