Election Leaflets

Election leaflets are one of the main weapons in the fight for votes in Australia. They are targeted, effective and sometimes very bitter. Yet, they are largely ignored by the mainstream media.

With Election Leaflets we asked people, instead of throwing those leaflets away, to scan or photograph them and upload them to the website or send the leaflets to us by post so that we could upload them.

For the first time election leaflets were searchable and available for everyone in Australia to view providing transparency on the tactics that the parties used. We launched the project just a few weeks before the 2010 federal election in which time over 600 leaflets were added from all across Australia.

What people have said about Election Leaflets

…www.electionleaflets.org.au… The Wikileaks of #ausvotes pamphlets!

…thank you for your dedication and work. What your site did was valuable and important.

…I think that sort of simple and universally accessible store of what people are doing, what candidates are doing, is probably a game-changer.

— David Vaile, executive director of the Cyberspace Law and Policy Centre at the University of New South Wales, “Political pamphlets under online microscope”, ABC News 21 August 2010

I’d also recommend everyone to participate in sending material to the following website http://www.electionleaflets.org.au/

— Antony Green, ABC’s Election analyst, ABC Election Website, July 28 2010

It’s sites like this one that signify just how important new media has become in 2010.

— James Massola, the Australian July 31 2010

ElectionLeaflets.org.au was a triumph for lovers of political transparency, a grassroots online effort to curate election spin and make politicians accountable. It was useful not only as a 2010 election guide, but as a historical snapshot of the poll. A simple, brilliant idea, which played to the Internet’s strengths. I hope it becomes a staple of every Australian campaign.

— Jon Casimir, Producer Gruen Nation

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