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Sydney Morning Herald: Interests of MPs to go online – it’s about time–its-about-time/2008/12/19/1229189883754.html

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Australian – Wires & Lights: Interview –

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Happy talk

Last week I gave a talk at the Open Source Developers’ Conference in Sydney. It was great. The room was full, people were excited, asked great questions and even applauded. To round it all of, at the end of the conference I was voted best speaker of the conference. What a wonderful surprise. I met […]

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Why is OpenAustralia not getting updated?

It’s only a temporary affair but OpenAustralia is not getting updated with the latest speeches in the House of Representatives and the Senate. Why? Well, let me explain. It’s been a tumultuous few weeks behind the scenes here. If you use OpenAustralia you’re probably blissfully unaware of some changes that have taken place at the […]

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New theme/design has gone live

I came up with the new design several months ago and developed about 80% of it – in fact before OpenAustralia was even launched. However getting the last 20% done took a little while, back and forth, implementing some of the trickier stuff which required getting into the code … and when I looked at […]

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Big thanks to Crikey!

Just want to say a big thank you to Sarah Stokely and the rest of the Crikey! team for providing OpenAustralia with a complimentary one-year subscription to Crikey! which means that we’ll now try and tie in current political news with what’s going on in the Australian Senate and House of Representatives. We’ve been posting […]

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"Are you a lawyer?" update

I mentioned in a previous post how we are looking for some legal help to set up a legal entity with the aim of getting charitable status. The latest news is that the Public Interest Law Clearing House of NSW (PILCH) has reconsidered our application and agreed to help. In the next couple of weeks […]

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The Senate is Here!

To quote the latest news item on Just in time for the next sitting, for your civic pleasure, we bring you the Senate. Read the Senate Hansard as far back as 2006, and get to know those lovely people working on your behalf, the Senators. No bills pass without the say so of the […]

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Interview about OpenAustralia

Read an interview with me by Maxine from WebDirections about OpenAustralia and some of the many ideas we have for its future. WebDirections runs a host of conferences in the area of web development. I’m a little late as this was over two weeks ago but hey, better later than never.

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Are you a lawyer?

Are you a lawyer? Can you offer us advice about setting up a legal entity and charitable tax status for OpenAustralia? Setting up a charity under the correct legal status is a complicated business in Australia. We need help. We’re not lawyers ourselves and we want to do this right. OpenAustralia is strictly a non-partisan […]

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