Our Constitution

Our constitution is the legal document that outlines what our purpose is and the rules by which we operate. Our core objectives and purpose and perhaps the most important part of the constitution, the objects of the company, are listed here:

  1. to support a nationwide open access public digital reference library for the purpose of making information relating to public bodies accessible and useful for all Australians;
  2. to conduct research into the use and effects of information and communication technologies relating to public engagement and developing tools to enable the sharing of information for the purpose of improving such engagement;
  3. to disseminate the results and methods of this research for the benefit and education of the public;
  4. to provide tools and services to both public and private bodies or institutions, and the general public, to enable them to reuse such data and research freely and for the public good;
  5. to provide content and software under an open licence wherever practicable;
  6. to create a network for related local, online and library communities

For further detail, please read the constitution in full.

We regard our constitution as a work in progress, one which we’d like not only to improve but also to fully reflect the needs of our constituents – you, the public. So if you’d like to comment on our constitution or suggest any amendments or clarifications, particularly those that wiIl make it easier for all to understand, please don’t hesitate to contact us.