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Government no show on Government 2.0 Taskforce

Update: Since this post first appeared Ann Steward has now posted on the taskforce blog. A commendable part of the setup of the Government 2.0 Taskforce was a blog which in the nearly two months since its creation has become the primary means of communication between the taskforce and the general public. Now, let’s take […]

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Which Australian Politicians are on Twitter?

It had been something that I’d been meaning to do for a while but hadn’t ever quite managed to find the time to do. A conversation between James Dellow (@chieftech), Senator Kate Lundy (@katelundy), Michael de Percy (@madepercy), Karl Roby (@karlroby) and Pia Waugh (@piawaugh) on Twitter a few days ago started it all going […]

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Who's blogging about OpenAustralia?

It’s only been live for a few weeks but already OpenAustralia has received great coverage and publicity from the online community. Here are some links to articles and blog posts about OpenAustralia: Kat and Matt are interviewed by Cameron Reilly on the TPN GDay World podcast – also Cameron blogged about OpenAustralia previously Blog post […]

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Richard Allan – The Power of Information

About a week ago, shortly after the public launch of OpenAustralia, we were contacted by Richard Allan, who has been involved with TheyWorkForYou over a number of years. He used to be a UK Member of Parliament with a strong interest in technology issues. While he was an MP, he even wrote the first version […]

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It's been an exciting week

It’s now been just under a week since we launched OpenAustralia to the wide world. The response has been overwhelming considering just how little we did to let people know about it. You might have noticed that we’ve seemed a little quiet in the last week (i.e. no new blog posts until today) but that’s […]

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I've got it written down here on a piece of paper

As of June 3rd, some more information on the Register of Members’ Interests “… as far as volume is concerned there are 7 binders with A4 sheets in them the size of the register grows progressively during the life of a parliament as members must notify ‘alterations of their interests’ within 28 days of the […]

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OpenAustralia needs youse

OpenAustralia development is coming along steadily. However we do still have quite a few bugs to iron out. We’re now looking for people to test out the site before its public release. Get in touch if you’re interested.

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