OpenAustralia going live on Monday 16th June!

It is my very great pleasure to announce that OpenAustralia will be going public and live on Monday 16th June. This will be a fully open public beta.

We have one big thing we would still like to get done before the launch. We are in the middle of doing a visual redesign of the website. We’re definitely not changing any of the layout or functionality as we think it’s great already. We just want to give it a little visual aussie love – a fresh coat of paint if you will.

We’re hoping we can do this before the launch date, but if not we’ll just launch it as it is.

The launch is just under three weeks away.

Start telling your friends – write some blog posts about it, twitter away, announce it on Facebook and spread the word.

We’ll look back at the launch in years to come and see it as a significant step towards a fairer, more informed, more engaged and better democracy!

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