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Open and Shut: Queensland parliament rains on open access party

Monday, August 10, 2009 Queensland parliament rains on open access party Amid all that good Queensland news is this downer that the Clerk of the Parliament there has knocked back a request by Open Australia to allow republication of Hansard online which would enable them to add the search capabilities that have made their Federal […]

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Queensland bars OpenAustralia from republishing its Hansard

In an extraordinary turn of events the Clerk of Queensland’s Parliament has refused OpenAustralia permission to republish the state’s proceedings of parliament. This is the email we received this afternoon Katherine, I have taken sometime to consider your request because of the multitude of issues and its long term policy implications. At the outset, I […]

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Who do you think OpenAustralia Foundation should bank with?

Who do you think the brand new OpenAustralia Foundation should bank with? This could either be a traditional bank or a credit union. We trust your combined wisdom. Stuff we are looking for: Is Australian Offers Internet banking Has an ethical investment policy Is nice to non-profits like us OpenAustralia Foundation’s registered office is in […]

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Announcing the OpenAustralia Foundation

From the beginning we’ve always had high hopes of getting a not-for-profit entity off the ground to ensure the continued development of the OpenAustralia website as well as provide a foundation from which we can launch cool, new, useful things for everybody. As with many things this took a little longer than expected. But finally… […]

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Inaugural OpenAustralia Hackfest Was Terrific

Last Saturday, the 13th of June, was OpenAustralia’s inaugural hackfest, bringing together developers and users of the website. Fifty people volunteered their time and effort to help open Australia’s democracy and make it easier for Australians to keep tabs on their representatives in Parliament. The day kicked off just after midday with Matthew giving […]

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First OpenAustralia hackfest is tomorrow!

What an oversight. I’ve not blogged about our first ever OpenAustralia hackfest which is taking place in Sydney tomorrow, kindly hosted at the offices of Google Sydney. We announced it on the @openaustralia twitter feed, our development mailing list and on a couple of Linux users group mailing list and very quickly filled our capacity […]

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Government is heavy user of email alerts

A recent remark about government users of our website, and our recent exchanges with the DPS made me wonder, just how many are signed up for our email alerts as part of their daily routine? I asked Matthew to take a look at the stats, so he did, and this is the result. So […]

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A response from the DPS

After our recent post we finally received a response from the Department of Parliamentary Services (DPS): from: Web, Manager (DPS) <> to: Matthew Landauer date: Fri, May 1, 2009 at 5:46 PM subject: RE: Hansard 23 September 2008 probably error in division Dear Matthew Thank you for your email to the APH web manager identifying […]

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OpenAustralia has a new home on Facebook

If you’re a user of Facebook, like what we do and want to help get more people using the site, come and visit our new home on Facebook. Become “a fan” and through the power of connections tell your friends about OpenAustralia, so that more people can become that little bit more engaged, excited and […]

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Which Australian Politicians are on Twitter?

It had been something that I’d been meaning to do for a while but hadn’t ever quite managed to find the time to do. A conversation between James Dellow (@chieftech), Senator Kate Lundy (@katelundy), Michael de Percy (@madepercy), Karl Roby (@karlroby) and Pia Waugh (@piawaugh) on Twitter a few days ago started it all going […]

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