Register of Members’ Interests update

We’ve been in email exchange with the Registrar of Members’ Interests, Bernard Wright. He’s been very helpful but the situation with the Register of Members’ Interests falls somewhat short of ideal.

Not only, as mentioned before, is the register only kept in one office in Canberra, and not available online for everyone to see, it is not even available in electronic form.

Rather, the Register of Members’ Interests is a set of 7 binders with around 1500 A4 sheets in them, which are continually updated (by hand) throughout the course of the parliamentary term. Supposedly, many of the sheets are handwritten. Eek! What a lot of work for the Registrar, and what little gain for the public!

It does seem anachronistic that such an important public document remains so difficult for ordinary citizens to gain access to.

We’ll keep plugging away at this to ensure that this document goes online in the near future. We’re not sure how yet, but we’re working on it!

Anyone want to help? We’d love to hear from you with ideas or practical assistance :)

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