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As you may know works by collecting development applications from many local council websites and republishes them in an easy to use way, notifying people of new applications in their area and in that way keeping you informed of things happening near you.

To do this we need to know where those applications are. So far, we know where around 60 local authorities keep their applications. There’s more than 500 local authorities that we don’t know about.

We’d like to know about a whole lot more so that PlanningAlerts can be useful to more Australians. That’s where you come in.

We’ve created a Google spreadsheet with all the local councils that we know about which we don’t yet support on and we’d like your help to fill it in.

This is what you do. Go to the spreadsheet.

  1. Pick a council that hasn’t had all its details filled in yet (“DA’s online?” column is empty). The councils are ordered with the big councils (lots of people) at the top. So, start with those near the top if possible.
  2. Follow the link to the council website (“Website” column)
  3. Find where they store their development applications
  4. Fill in the details in “DA’s online?”, “as HTML”, “website for DA notice” columns. “DA’s online” just says whether the council publishes the development applications online. Hopefully that will be a yes. “as HTML” should be “Yes” when they publish it as a regular web page. Fill in “No” if they publish the information in PDF or Microsoft Word documents for instance. The “website for DA notice” is just a link to the page on the council website where the development applications are stored.
  5. Repeat for a few councils
  6. Add a comment to this blog post to let us and everyone else know you helped out
  7. Give yourself a big pat on the back.

Thank you in advance!

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