OpenAustralia Hackfest – “What are you up to next weekend?” edition

Come and join Henare, Tim and Matthew in their basement, er.. we mean Google Sydney, for an awesome weekend of hacking.

OpenAustralia Hackfest 2009 by Halans

It’s all a bit last minute. What’s the worst that happens? Nobody turns up and the three of us spend the weekend hacking. That’s okay too.

However, it would be much more fun if you came too!

We’ve got a couple of quick talks lined up to warm you up and give you some inspiration, then a full weekend dedicated to hacking on everything OpenAustralia. Come along and learn, share and build interesting things in and around open data, open government and civic hacking.

Want to reboot by fixing the scraper? How about some finishing touches to Election Leaflets to monitor future Australian elections? Or do you want to learn how to help tens of thousands of people get PlanningAlerts by writing a simple scraper (anyone can do it!)? Then register here:

This event will be hosted at Google Sydney next weekend the 10th and 11th of September, here’s our plan for the weekend:


11:30 – Doors open
12:00 – Introduction and housekeeping
12:15 – The Gears That Power the Tubes of OpenAustralia – Matthew Landauer
12:30 – An Introduction to Guerrilla Data Liberation with ScraperWiki – Henare Degan
12:45 – Let the hacking begin
18:00 – We’ll order pizzas with anyone interested
22:00 – Doors close


11:30 – Doors open / Let the hacking begin
16:00 – Stop hacking, start presentations – show us what you’ve build, fixed or learnt!
18:00 – Doors close, optional beers at the pub

Google are kindly supplying the venue, power and WiFi so all you need to do is bring along your notebook, some snacks to keep you hacking through the day and pizza money if you’re a hungry hacker come Saturday evening.

Sign up to the OpenAustralia Community mailing list if you have any questions and don’t forget to tag your tweets, photos, etc. #oahack


Henare, Matthew and Tim
OpenAustralia Foundation volunteers

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