You’re invited to our Freedom of Information Hack[s]fest

As you may have heard, the OpenAustralia Foundation is really close to launching a new site that makes Australian Freedom of Information requests really straightforward for ordinary people. The site also opens up the whole process of making Freedom of Information requests by making the whole paper (or rather email) trail of request and responses public.

We’ve run hackfests in the past but this will be our first Hack[s]fest! This time we not only inviting hackers to get involved with the technical aspects of the project, we’re also inviting hacks, activists, FOI gurus and anyone else that’s interested in learning more or getting involved with this exciting new project.

By getting everyone together for a weekend we’ll all learn more, make the project better and start putting in some FOI requests so register now to come on Saturday the 17th of November to Google Sydney (and again on Sunday if you’re keen!).

Our rough schedule is as follows:

10:30 – Doors open
11:00 – Introduction and talk(s)
12:00 – Lunch, chat and meet people to work with
13:00 – People have eaten and found something and someone to work with
17:00 – Pack up and go for a drink somewhere
11:00 – Doors open and hacking starts
12:00 – Lunch
15:00 – Show and tell
16:00 – Pack up and go for a drink somewhere

Register now and if you have any questions, leave a comment or email us.

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