You Saved the Historic Alexandria Hotel – Go You!

A photo of the current Alexandria Hotel and an artists impression of the proposed development

The Alexandria Hotel and what could have been

In June last year a development application was submitted to demolish the Alexandria Hotel, an old pub in inner-Sydney, and replace it with a new apartment block. Hundreds of people in the local community opposed the loss of this historic building and over a quarter of those people used PlanningAlerts [PDF] to have their say.

Yesterday a commenter passed on a letter from the City of Sydney. In it the council conveyed what appears to be the final word on this development – that the applicant has discontinued their appeals against the application being refused. So it looks like this old building has been saved. Not only that but the council is proposing for the building to be heritage listed soon.

We send PlanningAlerts (over 30 million of them so far!) so that people can find out and have their say about what happens with their built environment. So while we’re impartial when it comes to specific developments, we can’t help but smile at the poetic justice of an old pub being saved. After all, an old pub being demolished out of the blue is what sparked Richard Pope to create the original UK version of PlanningAlerts.

It also goes to show that your comments on PlanningAlerts, each of which is sent to council as an official submission, can and do make a difference to your local area. From saving a whole historic pub, to encouraging and supporting local businesses, or providing super-local knowledge to gently suggest improvements to an application.

Thanks for making a difference.

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