Setting sail for the second half of 2016

A couple of weeks ago we had our third planning session for 2016. These quarterly planning sessions allow us to reflect on the work we’ve been doing and make any adjustments we need during the year. This post is a little update on what we discussed and what we’ll be working on from July through September.

We spent a lot of the day talking about the big picture – where our work sits in the broader goals of the Foundation. Once we got down to the details we essentially agreed with the plan we’d already formulated. That’s a reassuring sign that the work we did earlier in the year to map out a plan was pretty on the mark.

The main difference is that we’re ahead of schedule with our Ask Your Councillors project. It’s already launched and we’re just wrapping up a few things on the project. That means we’ve got an extra month up our sleeves so we’re going to move everything forward a month. We’ll work out what we do with the extra month at our next planning session at the end of September.

A photograph of our Q3 schedule on the wall.

We’ve made our quarterly schedule more functional but the appearance could use some work ;) We can now add new things easily though and we’ve already added lots since this picture was taken.

July through August

Right To Know

Instead of needing to work on Ask Your Councillors all July we can now devote most of the month to starting our major work on Right To Know. This will keep us busy all through July and August. With Luke away for all of July we may keep working on this project into September, just ahead of International Right To Know day!

Our Right To Know work has already kicked off yesterday with a design workshop involving Kat and Henare. At this session we worked out the broad goals for the project (increase the number and effectiveness of requests and build the Right To Know community) and started to talk about how we’re going to approach the project.

One of the most important aspects of the project is communicating to people and getting them to use it. While we’ve had our fair share of experience with this it’s really important so we’re looking to get an expert in. We hope to share more details about this soon.

Growing the team

During this year we’ve talked about hiring another full-time person but we haven’t put a lot of active effort into it. In August when Kat, Luke, and Henare are around we’re going to revisit it and decide if we want to dedicate time to this. If we do we’ll be actively searching for a woman to join our team full-time.


PlanningAlerts supporters

In September we’ll be able to start work on this project early. You can read about it in our last planning update.

That’s it for this update, keep an eye out for the next one in October.

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