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OpenAustralia Hackfest – “What are you up to next weekend?” edition

Come and join Henare, Tim and Matthew in their basement, er.. we mean Google Sydney, for an awesome weekend of hacking. It’s all a bit last minute. What’s the worst that happens? Nobody turns up and the three of us spend the weekend hacking. That’s okay too. However, it would be much more fun if […]

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Who is the mysterious filtering software provider?

In our last post we brought to attention the strange case of one of our project websites being blocked from access by employees of the department of Customs. To our surprise this was then picked up by Fairfax media and even raised by Mia Garlick, Assistant Secretary, Department of Broadband, Communications and the Digital […]

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Blog stopped at customs in bizarre case of mistaken identity

In a bizarre case of mistaken identity the department of Customs and Border Protection appear to think that‘s republishing of Federal parliamentary discussions constitutes a blog. Last week we were told by a person who works for the Australian Customs and Border Protection Service that was blocked by their IT department’s security policy. […]

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Fox Force Five: OpenAustralia, eDemocracy and Education

I’ve been a volunteer with OpenAustralia for some time now, and I don’t think I’ve talked enough about why I admire this project so much, and why I think it’s so important. It’s because I believe in transparent, accountable and accessible government. It’s because I believe in removing the obstacles which keep people from participating […]

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Open and Shut: Queensland parliament rains on open access party

Monday, August 10, 2009 Queensland parliament rains on open access party Amid all that good Queensland news is this downer that the Clerk of the Parliament there has knocked back a request by Open Australia to allow republication of Hansard online which would enable them to add the search capabilities that have made their Federal […]

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Radio National – Future Tense: e-Australia

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eGov AU: OpenAustralia becomes first to provide the Australian Federal register of Senators’ Interests online

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The Register of Senators’ Interests is now online

Today is a big milestone. We are the first website to make the Register of Senators’ Interests available online. This important public document until now has only been available to the small number of people who were able to visit the office in Canberra where the documents are held. In the Register each Senator declares […]

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Sydney Morning Herald: Interests of MPs to go online – it’s about time–its-about-time/2008/12/19/1229189883754.html

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The Register of Members’ Interests is on our doorstep

A copy of the Register of Members’ Interests for the House of Representatives has quite literarily arrived on our doorstep! We can now begin the task of scanning and transcribing. Please contact us at if you want to help with the transcribing. If we get enough people this won’t be too big a task. […]

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