3 ways to keep They Vote For You tickety boo

Keeping They Vote For You up to date can seem a little challenging. So, I’ve prioritised the three most important jobs to make it easier for people to get involved.

If these three tasks are done regularly by enough people, the site will remain tickety boo (which is urban slang for ‘useful and current’).

1. Manage the policies

Firstly, mark any problematic policies you see on the site as draft policies. Problematic policies are, for example:

  • Biased (i.e. too ideological or a case of political point scoring)
  • Impractical (i.e. include too many aspects that should be broken into separate policies)
  • Redundant (i.e. have no relevant divisions)
  • Nasty (i.e. a swipe at a particular party or politician)
  • Silly (i.e. clearly a joke)

Note: if existing policies are turned into problematic policies by cheeky editing, reverse the change.

Secondly, combine any duplicate policies.

2. Edit at least one division

Try to do this weekly, particularly when Parliament is sitting (see the sitting calendar).

This will keep the site nice and relevant.

For a reminder on how to edit divisions, see our blog post.

3. Advertise the policies

We need to keep reminding each other what policies we have – there are a lot of them!

For example: when an article appears in the media that is relevant to a policy like For live animal export, share it on Facebook or tweet it on Twitter along with a link to that policy.

Happy editing!


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  1. Luke Bacon
    Posted February 17, 2015 at 12:26 pm | Permalink

    On point 2:

    > 2. Edit at least one division

    There were about 480 divisions in 2014, 350 in 2013, 530 in 2012 … .

    So if citizens contributed 10 division summaries a week, that would roughly cover a year each year.

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