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Easier collaboration for OpenAustralia Foundation projects

It should be simple for anyone to get involved in helping create an OpenAustralia Foundation project. After all, that’s what our projects seek to do to our democracy – make it really easy to get involved. Today we’ve made a solid step in that direction. We’ve moved our entire issue tracking system to GitHub Issues. […]

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What’s the latest with RightToKnow?

Right To Know was launched at the end of last year and through the quietest part of the year when people are enjoying the fine weather and some well-earned free time people have already put in over fifty freedom of information requests. That’s pretty amazing. Requests have been diverse, including for information about thing like: […]

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Federal Senate congratulates the OpenAustralia Foundation for its ‘Right to Know’ initiative

Earlier today a motion was presented to the Senate which notes the creation of the Freedom of Information request site Right To Know we launched yesterday and which urges the government to, “use the site, provide feedback, and support the Foundation in its aim of encouraging effective citizen access to government information.” We are very […]

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Why we think that Freedom of Information should be easy

In the lead up to the launch of Right To Know, we organised an all weekend Hack[s]fest event for which we asked journalists, activists and software developers interested in Freedom of Information to come along and work together for the final push. As if writing software and making freedom of information requests wasn’t enough, volunteer […]

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You have the Right To Know

Whether you are an octogenarian human rights activist, a working mother, a twenty something surfer or still at school, the government undoubtedly has information that is useful to you and many people like you who share your interests. But am I allowed to access it? Yes! 30 years ago Australia enacted a law which changed […]

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You’re invited to our Freedom of Information Hack[s]fest

As you may have heard, the OpenAustralia Foundation is really close to launching a new site that makes Australian Freedom of Information requests really straightforward for ordinary people. The site also opens up the whole process of making Freedom of Information requests by making the whole paper (or rather email) trail of request and responses […]

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