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Little OpenAustralia Hackfest, Big Results

Cross-posted on the Official Google Australia Blog. A couple of weeks ago we at the OpenAustralia Foundation – Australia’s open data, open government and civic hacking charity – asked if anyone wanted to join three of our volunteers at Google Sydney for a hackfest. The request was deliberately casual as we just wanted have a […]

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PlanningAlerts for my mum (and the Northern Territory)

My mum called me from Sydney Airport yesterday. She was stopping over from New Zealand on her way to Batchelor in the Northern Territory where her and her husband are moving. After I got off the phone to her I remembered that PlanningAlerts didn’t cover anywhere in the NT and I also remembered – what […]

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OpenAustralia Hackfest – “What are you up to next weekend?” edition

Come and join Henare, Tim and Matthew in their basement, er.. we mean Google Sydney, for an awesome weekend of hacking. It’s all a bit last minute. What’s the worst that happens? Nobody turns up and the three of us spend the weekend hacking. That’s okay too. However, it would be much more fun if […]

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Archive of 2010 Australian Federal Election leaflets available

You may recall that when we ran Election Leaflets for the 2011 NSW State Election, we stopped displaying leaflets from the 2010 Federal Election when you browsed the site. This was simply because we didn’t have the time or resources to build the site in such a way that you could see these leaflets. We’ve […]

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PlanningAlerts closes the loop

Commenting on a PlanningAlert

Our built environment has a huge impact on our lives. And we all have strong opinions about what it should be like. One of the major things that determines this is the planning process that our councils look after. If you’ve ever tried to make a submission on a development application you will know that […]

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People of NSW – start your scanners!

…or mobile phone cameras. We have just over seven weeks until the NSW State Election and it’s going to be bitter. Leaflets are already in the news and people have been calling on us to run Election Leaflets during this election. Luckily Tim ‘mithro’ Ansell and I recently attended in Brisbane and as we […]

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Embedding PlanningAlerts in a map just got a whole lot nicer

We’ve a made a pretty small change to the way that applications from PlanningAlerts can get embedded in a map that makes it much easier to use. It’s easiest to see with an example: View Larger Map When you click on one of the points on a map, as well as the description of the […]

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Our day at Open Day

We were recently invited to host a stall at the 2011 Open Day. is one of the world’s premier free software conferences and is run each year by the community. Open Day is held on the Saturday after the conference and is open to the general public to learn about free and open […]

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